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Posted by on Dec 18, 2015 in Wedding |

How to plan your perfect wedding on a tight budget

Most people think of the wedding day as the most important moment of their lifetime, or at least one of the most important, and they are prepared to do anything to make this day a special occasion and to fulfill their dreams. However, reality is sometimes harsh and not all of us have the ability to spend as much as we want and to indulge freely in any little fantasy we can think of. Nowadays, wedding ceremonies in United States cost more than $20.000 on average, which is more than the price of births, first cars, funerals or even a tuition for a four-year college education in some cases. This is the reason why a lot of people take great care about how much money are they actually going to spend on their wedding, and experts have created sets of instructions that are designed for those couples who decide to approach this whole event from a slightly pragmatic side. 

            Some of those tips&tricks are listed here:


  • Avoid too much guests!

Banquet guestsThis is the number one rule and it is essential in cutting down your expenses, since with each new guest your price tag grows. Therefore it is wise to make a list and then cut it in half, or reduce it with some other system, but your first draft is certainly not going to work. Close family members, friends and occasional colleague will be enough to make an intimate atmosphere which is something that we all want, and those are the people that you in fact want by your side.

  • Have your own food/drinks!

This is perhaps hard for some people, or it just may seem to be so on the first impression. When you think about it, it is not so hard to have family to help you in this respect and to have them bake some cakes, cookies, cut some meat or prepare the salad. All of those things are not that demanding, but they will significantly reduce your overall cost. The same goes for drinks, as the restaurants will charge you with a much larger price than the one you will get if you buy your drinks at a liquor store or even at a supermarket. Also, keep it simple and offer only few types of alcohol. 

  • Dress smartly!

what_is_an_entrepreneurEven though it is imperative to look “wonderful” on the big day, especially to the ladies, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune for those few special hours. There are dozens of different ways on how you can reduce your costs when it comes to dress and tuxedos, from buying them on sales, via eBay, in second hand shops or just simply renting them for the day. The same can be said about jewelry, shoes and similar items.

  • Do not hire professional musicians!

The-Popcorns-profiles1Nowadays, everyone is a DJ, and with a help of a laptop or an iPhone your wedding can be personalized and unique. Arrange your playlists, download favorite songs and put it on shuffle, or have somebody to just hit play once and a while. This will drastically improve your budget, and the feeling will be more friendly and the whole ceremony will have your own personal stamp on it. The same can apply to photographers and flower decorations.

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